William Richard Swanson

Birthplace -  New Jersey
Residence -  Venice, Florida

He has a degree from Rutgers University and studied art for four years in Philadelphia
at both The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Fleisher Art Memorial,
completing about twenty five courses at each school.  
He was the audit director of a
brokerage firm in Philadelphia for fourteen years. He retired early from that business
to devote himself to art.  'People think the two careers are quite different but actually
a similar mental push is required to be the audit director of a complex dynamic
business and be creative in art rather than imitative or formulaic.'

'My favorite subject is marines, especially underwater scenes.  Underwater is a world
of wonder, beauty, life, color, and mystery.'
 A Florida resident, he became a certified
scuba diver in 1985 and has dived or snorkeled off of Florida, Caribbean islands,
Hawaii, Africa, and with chilly memories and a full wetsuit his native New Jersey.  'I
view my art as an interpretation of a world that has been largely overlooked by
artists.  Scuba was not invented until the twentieth century and by then the art world
had migrated to abstract.
I let the composition dictate, rather than impose a particular
style on a composition.  I typically do a small study then decide whether oil or acrylic
will work best.  From there the tools, brush work, glazing, chroma etc. will vary.   The
mystery of the sea suggests soft edges, a scroll coral suggests hard edges, a cloudy
stormy ocean suggests low chroma, so I stay flexible.  An artist's personality will
come through in any case.'

 His paintings have been accepted into numerous open juried exhibits and won
awards in Pennsylvania and Florida.   
He is a member of the Venice Art Center and
Art Center Sarasota.  His paintings can be seen at ArtUptown Gallery in downtown