William R. Swanson

-  Venice, Florida

'My favorite subject is marines, especially coral reef scenes.  The living reef never
fails to inspire me.  Underwater is a world of wonder, beauty, life, color, and mystery.  
But coral reefs are probably the most threatened ecosystem on our planet.'  A Florida
resident, William became a certified scuba diver in 1985 and has dived or snorkeled
off Florida, Caribbean islands, Hawaii, and Africa.  'My art is an interpretation of a
world that has been largely overlooked by artists.  Scuba was not invented until the
twentieth century and by then the art world had migrated to abstract.  It is a world of
endless variety.  The mystery of the sea suggests soft edges, a scroll coral suggests
hard edges, a queen angelfish suggests strong color, while a cloudy stormy ocean
suggests low chroma.'

William studied art in Philadelphia at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and
Fleisher Art Memorial.  His paintings have been in many open juried exhibits and won
awards in Florida and Pennsylvania.  His paintings can be seen at Artuptown Gallery
in downtown Sarasota.